Are Denture Adhesives Right For You?

15 March 2017
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You may have seen or heard those commercials for the various types of denture adhesives and thought they were a necessary part of wearing dentures. If you're in the process of getting dentures for the first time, then it may surprise you that you can actually wear them without any kind of adhesive at all, especially in the beginning. However, there may be some advantages to using adhesive even if the dentures fit well. Also, there are some considerations before using them.

What are denture adhesives?

Denture adhesives are a paste, powder, or padded strip which is placed on the denture to keep movement at a minimum. They help fill gaps from receding bone and keep food from getting under the denture. They are designed for temporary use and must be cleaned thoroughly between uses.

Who needs denture adhesives?

While most people don't generally need them when they first get their dentures, they are good for those people who experience small amounts of movement. Adhesives can also make your dentures feel more comfortable and make it easier to eat and talk. If your dentures are fitting poorly or moving a great deal, then it's better to talk to your dentist about refitting or repair.

What are the negatives of using denture adhesives?

Many of these adhesives are made with zinc, which is a health concern for some people. It is recommended that you only use a small amount. If you use so much that it oozes out from under the denture, then you may have a hard time removing your dentures. Some people also don't like the taste and the mess of applying adhesives. Pastes and padded strips maybe difficult to clean and remove.

What are some options other than adhesives?

The simplest thing to do if you're having severe problems with your dentures moving is to take them back to your dentist and see if they can be relined to fit better. There are also various devices available which may help stabilize the denture, but they are not for everyone and may actually be more cumbersome and painful than adhesives. If you get sick of your dentures moving, then see if you are a good candidate for an implant procedure.

Denture adhesives are an easily accessible way to keep your dentures secure and reduce movement. If your dentures are new, then you may not need adhesives, though they can be of some benefit. Be sure to talk to your dentist after your fitting to see if dental adhesives are something that might help you.