What To Do If Your Braces Wire Snaps When Your Orthodontist Isn't Open

10 November 2018
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Braces can put up with a lot of abuse, but sometimes the worst can happen. A sudden strike to the face can potentially break the wire that holds the brackets of your braces together. If this has happened to you or you just want to know what to do in the event of it happening, here's a simple guide to getting the help you need as quickly as possible.

Check for Wounds

The first thing you should do is ensure that you aren't injured. Check your gums, cheeks, and the inside of your mouth for any injuries. Blood may be present if you were poked by a jagged edge of the wire. If you find blood, try and find the source and then apply pressure with gauze to stop the bleeding. You can also use Orajel to numb any pain you're experiencing if you don't find an open wound or bleeding.

Braces Wax

Next is a tip that will help to keep you safe until your braces can't be fixed. If you have braces wax available at home, collect it. If you don't, ask for help from a friend or loved one if at all possible.

Tear off a strip of the braces wax and warm it between your fingers. When it's moldable, fold it around the edge of the wire that's broken. Slowly fold it over the top so that the entire edge is encapsulated by the wax. Take another strip and reinforce the cover by going directly over the end of the covered wire. Repeat this on the other side of the broken wire, too.

Get to Emergency Dentist

Once your wires are wrapped, get to an emergency dentist right away. The longer you have exposed wires, the more likely you are to be injured. Waiting for your orthodontist to be able to see you may increase the amount of time you end up waiting. Unfortunately, pulling out the wires yourself isn't a good idea, either, so leave it to the emergency dentist.

When you visit your emergency dentist, they will typically remove the wire and treat any injuries that happened due to it. You'll need to return to your orthodontist once they're available to have a new wire put in place.

With these steps, you can protect yourself from further injury and get the help you need right away. Contact an emergency dentist now, such as at Cross Creek Family Dental, if you're going through this, and write down a reliable one's contact info to keep with you if you're just prepping.