Dental Attributes That Can Be Transformed During A Smile Makeover

16 January 2019
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If you are like many people, you may not feel that your smile is as attractive as it could be. By changing the state of your teeth and gums, you can improve the look of your smile.

Here are a few attributes of your teeth that may be altered during a smile makeover.

The Color

Your teeth may start out white and become progressively discolored over time due to their regular contact with the pigments in the substances that you ingest. Tobacco products, such as cigarettes and chewing tobacco, contain brown pigments that can become trapped in the pores of the teeth. Likewise, the colorants in beverages and foods that you consume may also deposit in the tooth enamel. As these pigments continue to build up over time, your teeth become increasingly darkened. 

To help makeover your smile, your dentist may apply a teeth-whitening product. The product includes peroxide to bleach away the dental stains.

The dentist applies the dental bleaching agent to the teeth while protecting the gums and other easily inflamed soft tissues. They then expose the teeth to a bright light that enhances the effects of the product. After the teeth whitener has been left in place for the proper amount of time, the product is rinsed from the mouth.

Several whitening sessions may be needed to complete the whitening of the teeth. However, a noticeable improvement is usually apparent after the initial whitening session.

If the discoloration of your teeth is caused by damage to the teeth or a congenital condition, the darkening of the enamel is permanent. To improve the look of permanent discoloration, a dentist may apply dental veneers or crowns to give the appearance of white teeth.

The Alignment

Misaligned teeth look less uniform and can make a smile appear unsightly. The crooked alignment of the teeth may be due to the natural positioning of the teeth. However, it may also be caused by negative habits, such as thumbsucking.

Regardless of the reason for the misalignment, the dentist can correct it using orthodontic devices, such as braces or clear aligners.

Braces are available in multiple varieties, including traditional and ceramic braces. The braces have the same basic components. However, the brackets of traditional braces are constructed of metal. Those of ceramic braces are made of dental ceramic material.

Clear aligners are transparent customized plastic trays that fit over the teeth and apply aligning pressure. A treatment plan with aligners requires the use of multiple aligner sets worn in a prescribed order.

To learn more about transforming your smile, schedule a consultation with a business like Parklane Dental.