Tips For Ensuring The Longevity Of Your New Dental Implants

29 December 2016
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If you have just had some dental implants installed, then it is vital that you know how to properly care for them. While dental implants are very strong and should last as long as natural teeth, they can become damaged by periodontal disease, gum disease, and lack of appropriate dental hygiene. To this end, here are some tips for you to follow in order to ensure the health and longevity of your new dental implants: Read More 

4 Ways To Infuse Healthy Dental Ideas Into Family New Year’s Resolutions

28 December 2016
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As the new year rolls around, many families love to gather together and discuss a number of New Year's resolutions that they will make and try to stick to. A lot of New Year's resolutions focus on all aspects of being and staying healthy. If this is the case for your family, then you can work with your children to choose various ideas that will focus on good dental health. This can make a huge difference in the way their mouth develops and really help prevent the onset of various mouth diseases like gingivitis. Read More 

2 Ways To Handle Congenitally Missing Permanent Teeth

26 September 2016
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There are times when people are born missing one or more of their permanent teeth. When this happens, it means the person has congenitally missing teeth. These are permanent teeth that will never erupt, because these teeth never formed when they should have. If you recently found out from your child's dentist that he or she has congenitally missing teeth, you may want to know what your options are for fixing the problems that can occur from this. Read More 

Root Canal Pain Myths Dispelled

2 August 2016
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If you have an infected tooth, then your dentist has likely scheduled a root canal to take care of the problem. If you have a dental phobia or if dental procedures simply make you a bit nervous, then you may be scared of the procedure. You are not alone. Many people are afraid of the dentist, but most dental fears come from beliefs about dental procedures, not painful experiences. This means that your beliefs are causing you fear, but you may have no reason to be afraid. Read More 

Beyond Whitening Strips: Five Other Items That Can Help Whiten Your Child’s Teeth

31 May 2016
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Wondering if your child is old enough to have his or her teeth whitened? In most cases, dentists advise against teeth whitening strips until your child's teeth are fully grown, but luckily, there are alternatives. Give your child these five items and let them enjoy a whiter, brighter smile: 1. Whitening toothpaste If your child is frustrated by the idea of not being able to use whitening strips, invest in whitening toothpaste instead. Read More