When To Visit The Orthodontist In Naperville

29 January 2014
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For those of us who grew up in Naperville, I'm sure that we all had those mornings where we would stare ourselves down in the mirror, mentally preparing ourselves for the day. While staring ourselves down, we would often practice our smiles. So, we would stand in front of that mirror, flashing everything from a full-out, toothy grin, to a sort of smirk that seemed to say "I'm adorable, and much cooler than you." However, some of us, as we grew up practicing those smiles in the mirror, would always keep tightly sealed lips, trying our best to conceal the teeth that we were so ashamed of. For some, there was a gap between our front two teeth that we thought made us look like a chipmunk. For others, our teeth were so crooked that, during lunch in the cafeteria, we would always chew with our lips stretched carefully over them, so that our peers couldn't see. Many of us grew up and learned to love our smiles exactly the way they were. While this option is perfectly admirable, sometimes, in more extreme cases, there is a need for intervention. This intervention, in many instances, can come from a Naperville orthodontist. [b]When to visit the orthodontist in Naperville[/b] There are several reasons why one might want to set up a visit with an orthodontist in Naperville. The first reason is purely cosmetic. As we discussed above, often we are insecure about our smiles. Orthodontists can help realign crooked teeth, close gaps in between teeth, and fix other cosmetic issues that we may want to change. Many people have found that, after a quick trip to a Naperville orthodontist, they will be on track to a brighter, more beautiful smile. While cosmetic reasons are perfectly valid, sometimes there are other explanations for why somebody might need to visit an orthodontist in Naperville. For instance, sometimes teeth can become so crowded and crooked that they cause severe pain. If this is the case, often an orthodontist can help to fix discomfort and pain. In this instance, as well as others, the reason for an orthodontist visit is not purely cosmetic, but also to help the health and well-being of the patient in question. Then, we have the issue of wisdom teeth. In some cases, wisdom teeth do not need to be removed. However, in most instances, the jaw does not have enough room to support wisdom teeth along with all of the other ones. If left on their own, wisdom teeth will often crowd all of the other teeth, jamming them together very tightly. Much of the time, this can cause pain to the patient and damage to the teeth themselves. However, if they are removed, this crowding and possible damage can be avoided. Orthodontists can assist in the necessary removal of wisdom teeth. [b]How can orthodontists help?[/b] Orthodontists have several methods for assisting you so that you can have the best, most healthy smile possible. First of all, there's braces. Basically, braces are wire brackets that, when sealed over a tooth or a number of teeth, realign them into their proper positioning. Braces come in a number of colors and varieties, and usually need to be worn for a few years in order to be effective. Along with braces, retainers can be used to realign teeth. Usually, retainers are primarily used for correcting overbites (where the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth), underbites (where the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth), and teeth that protrude too far. Retainers can be worn all the time, but in many instances, orthodontists will have their patients wear retainers merely at night. Click here for more info on orthodontists.