Embrace The Braces With These 5 Inspired Adult Halloween Costumes

2 October 2015
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Getting braces as an adult can put a person through many different emotions. Correcting your teeth will have a lot of advantages in the long run, but going through the struggles may seem tough. As you plan to get adult braces for your teeth, you should also plan for ways to cope and accept the temporary change to your smile. One way to do this is with Halloween. As you plan out a costume, you can put your braces on focus by dressing up as a television or movie character that also sported the mouth support. The following five costumes will help you showcase your braces, have a good time, and are all great nods to pop-culture.

Never Been Kissed - Drew Barrymore

In the 1999 teenage classic, Drew Barrymore plays a newspaper reporter that heads back to high school. In the film, several flashback scenes are shown of her real time in high school. The character wore braces and rocked the fashion style of the 1980s. As you plan to get braces, you can turn her look into a nostalgic look that captures both the film and the 80s.

For the prom flashback scene, Barrymore's character rocks a side ponytail and some neon lipstick. As you choose the bands for your braces, you can match or compliment the lipstick colors. The outfit was a flashy silver and pink dress. Find something similar with bright colors and shiny textures to help match the style.

EW! - Jimmy Fallon as Sara

On both "The Tonight Show" and "Late Night," Jimmy Fallon performed in a sketch entitled "EW!." For the sketch, Fallon plays a character named Sara who wears braces. By pairing your braces with a bright blonde wig and a flashy dress, you can easily transform into Sara.

After watching a few episodes, it's easy to pick up the voice tones and really make the character all your own. This is a great group costume idea as you and a few friends can dress as various EW! characters that have appeared on the show.

Jaws from James Bond

One of the more notorious James Bond villains and henchmen is simply known as Jaws. With a mouth full of metal, Jaws would torment Bond through multiple films until he eventually turned to the good side and left his criminal life in the past. Jaws may have been ruthless to Bond, but he always dressed nice before attacking. To create the outfit, you should wear a nice suit and a bow tie.

Jaws was known for his large size, so wearing a fake muscle suit under the outfit can help add more to the stature that Jaws represented. Additional accessories can include a fake gun, a fake crowbar, or other fake weapons that represents the henchman vibe.

The Wild Thornberrys - Eliza Thornberry

Represent the old school days of Nickelodeon with one of the most popular characters to feature braces. On the cartoon, "The Wild Thornberrys," Eliza had the ability to talk to the animals, and the intelligent girl wore braces through all 91 episodes during the late 1990s. Her unique look and vibrant costume is easy to recreate on Halloween night.

In every episode, Eliza wore a bright yellow shirt that she paired with a red turtleneck underneath. Her hair was styled in braided pigtails that hung from each side of the head. Along with the braces, another big trademark for the character are her large and round eyeglasses. Fake eyeglasses like those can easily be found at a variety of Halloween and costume stores. Complete the costume with an outdoor backpack and some hiking boots. Any additional hiking accessories you have can also help complete the design experience.

After a fun night out, the costume design can help you feel comfortable in the braces and embrace them until it is time to have them removed. For more information on braces, see a website such as http://www.dentistryoffayetteville.com.