Tired Of Traditional Flossing? 2 Great Products That Can Help You To Get The Job Done

6 October 2015
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After another disappointing dental visit, you might determined to change your ways and floss more frequently. However, if you are like most people, you might shy away from running uncomfortable strings between your teeth and cutting off the circulation to your fingers. Fortunately, these great products can help you to get the job done without all of the discomfort:

1. Interdental Cleaners

Interdental cleaners combine the ease of use of traditional wooden toothpicks with cutting edge designs created to tackle common dental problems. These manual cleaners contain small soft heads covered with bristles that you can run between your teeth to remove grime. Here are a few other features interdental cleaners offer that might make your experience more enjoyable:

  • Comfortable Handles: To make it easier to floss, most versions contain a comfortable, non-slip handle. In addition to reducing finger fatigue, this feature can help to keep you from slipping and damaging your gums.
  • Curved Design for Easy Reaching: Some cleaners are even curved, making it easy to reach molars and the backs of your teeth. 
  • Huge Variety of Cleaning Heads: Forget about that one-size-fits-all dental floss. There are a huge variety of interdental cleaners on the market, each designed with a cleaning head to do a specific job. For example, you can find interdental cleaners with dual-threaded tips so that you can clean both sides of teeth as you floss. You can also find blunt, rounded, or skinny brush heads to tidy up different areas of your mouth.

As you shop for interdental cleaners, think about your teeth. Because each person's dental anatomy is different, the cleaner that works for your friend or spouse might not be right for you. For example, if you have large gaps between your teeth, you might need a larger cleaning head to whisk away grime.

2. Oral Irrigators

On the other hand, some people prefer an even less hands-on approach to flossing. If you want to floss without thinking about it, oral irrigators might be the perfect solution. Oral irrigators are powered devices that shoot a fine stream of fluid between your teeth to rinse away food particles, plaque, and bacteria. Some oral irrigators even allow the user to adjust the pulsing motion and the pressure so that you can customize your experience. Here are a few reasons you should consider an oral irrigator:

  • Reduce Gum Bleeding: Do you hate the taste of blood? Oral irrigators are incredibly gentle and don't require you to push or pull objects between your teeth, they significantly reduce gum bleeding. In fact, one study found that oral irrigators reduced the risk of bleeding gums by 93%.
  • Great for People With Mobility Issues: Because oral irrigators do most of the work for you, they are great for people with injuries or mobility issues.
  • Freshen While You Floss: Some oral irrigator models even allow the user to fill the reservoir with mouthwash instead of water. This means that you can freshen your breath while you floss. This feature is also helpful for people who use medicated mouthwashes for conditions like gingivitis and dental sensitivity.

When you start using an oral irrigator, keep in mind that it might take a little practice to get the process down. Start with the lowest pressure setting and work your way up. Also, do your homework. Read the instruction manual and check online for free tutorials. Some oral irrigator manufacturers offer free online videos that explain how to use their products effectively.

If you are wondering which flosser is right for you, talk with a dentist, like those at Schererville Family Dentistry, PC. He or she can give you advice based on your dental health, so that you can keep your teeth as clean and safe as possible.