Do You Have a Dental Cyst? Find Out What to Do to Avoid More Irritation and Discomfort

15 October 2018
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Have you been told by your dentist that you have a dental cyst? You are probably wondering how you could possibly even end up with a cyst in the mouth. Unfortunately, dental cysts can occur and are usually caused by tooth decay. If you were dealing with the decay of a tooth and were unaware of it, the decay may have gotten much worse over the span of several months, ultimately causing the dental cyst to appear. Once you have a cyst, it usually needs to be removed by a professional oral surgeon.

Is Removal the Only Option?

While a dental cyst may not sound like a big problem, it can lead to a serious infection and cause excruciating pain. These cysts are full of fluid and you do not want that fluid to end up leaking into your mouth. The best way to avoid potential issues like that is to have the cyst carefully removed during an oral surgery. Removal is typically the only method of treatment for these cysts because they do not usually go away on their own and will only get worse as the tooth and its roots become even more infected.

What Is the Cyst Removal Surgery Like?

When you hear the dentist recommend oral surgery, you may instantly start to go into panic mode because the idea of undergoing any type of surgical procedure does make some people feel nervous and uncomfortable. However, the procedure is effective and does not take long. During the oral surgery to have the dental cyst removed, you will need to be completely sedated so you will not feel anything at the time of the surgery and the oral surgeon can get through the procedure with ease.

Because of the sedation, you are not going to remember anything from the surgery, but the area may be a bit sore as soon as the sedation wears off. It is normal to feel a bit of pain after having the cyst removed. The oral surgeon would provide a prescription for antibiotics to prevent an infection from forming and may even recommend or prescribe certain painkillers that will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the healing process.

If you have a dental cyst in your mouth, the best way to take care of it is to have it surgically removed by an experienced oral surgeon. The procedure itself does not last that long and it is something that must be done if you want to avoid dealing with numerous issues caused by cysts, including irritation and inflammation.