Tips To Keep Your Braces In Solid Shape Between Trips To The Orthodontist

7 November 2019
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If you recently got new braces, you are likely adjusting to the way they feel in your mouth. Your orthodontist has probably given you some instructions to follow in order to keep things going smoothly, but there are some universal best practices that everyone with braces should always follow. If you want to get to your next orthodontist or dentist appointment without any problems, here are some tips that might help.

Don't Bite Into Your Food, Use a Fork and Knife

Wait, don't bite into your food? We're not saying you can't chew what you put in your mouth but there is a difference between solely using your teeth to get the job done and using a fork and knife. Biting into a messy food like pizza could cause bits of it to get stuck in your teeth if you are not careful. Cut things down to size with utensils first and you'll be able to eat more "cleanly." No one wants to return to the dentist with corn on the cob still stuck in their teeth. When eating corn, scrape the corn directly off the cob onto a plate with a knife, then eat it with a fork.

Get Rid of Your Bad Habits

Once you have braces, you should try your best to eliminate any habits you have where foreign objects like a pen cap or the eraser side of your pencil end up in your mouth. Some people might have nervous tics or have habits like chewing on their fingernails without thinking. But the more frequently you put things like this in your mouth, the more opportunities there will be for something bad to happen to your braces.

Keep Up Your Oral Routine Like Your Braces Depend On It... Because They Do

It's common sense that you would keep brushing and flossing after you get your braces, but the point is, you really need to pay special attention and not skip a brushing or flossing just because you don't feel like it. Some food will end up stuck in your braces over time whether you like it or not. If you don't periodically clean your braces (and your teeth), this lingering food is going to cause issues for you including stains and eventually cavities. 

Get to your next orthodontist appointment with your braces still looking great by using some common sense. Contact an orthodontist like Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP, to get the best service possible.