4 Common Signs That You Need Dental Implants

10 March 2021
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When you have missing teeth, even simple things like taking pictures or smiling in public can be daunting. Other issues that arise with missing teeth include the difficulty to chew certain foods, the inability to consume hard foods, and the challenge to pronounce some words, just to name a few. 

Luckily, dental implants can save the situation and replace the lost teeth. And what's even better is that they are comfortable and look natural, just like your normal teeth. Apart from missing teeth, here are other common signs that you need dental implants.

1. Your Tooth Is Infected

If your tooth is severely infected such that it cannot be fixed, a dentist can recommend extracting it. However, you don't want to be left with a missing tooth, and so you may choose to have a dental implant. The dental implant that will replace your infected tooth will be strong, healthy, and durable. You only need to observe the normal oral hygiene measures, such as regular brushing and flossing.  

2. Your Face Has a Sunken-in Appearance

If you wear dentures for a long time, you might start to notice that your face has a sunken-in appearance. As you age, you begin to experience bone loss, and since dentures do not support bone growth, there is continued bone resorption. Eventually, your facial structure may collapse, leaving you with a sunken-in appearance. Luckily, dental implants stimulate bone growth on your jaw, helping you regain your normal facial structure. 

3. Your Teeth Have Functioning Problems

You may notice that you have problems biting or grinding some types of foods. This can be disappointing, especially if you're having problems with a favorite type of food. As such, if your teeth are not functioning normally, it's always advisable to visit a dentist for a professional check-up to establish the cause of the problem. If the problem is not fixable, you can choose to have dental implants so that you can go back to biting and grinding all types of foods without a problem. 

4. You Feel Uncomfortable with Dentures

If you have lost some of your teeth and been fitted with temporary dentures, you may be living with the worry that one day, the dentures might slip or become loose while in public and cause you embarrassment. If this is you, you might need to consider solving that problem once and for all by getting dental implants. Upon healing, you won't have to worry about getting adhesives or falling dentures anymore. 

For more information about dental implants, contact a dentist.