Visit A Cosmetic Dentistry Office About Veneers

28 April 2022
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If you've ever wondered how celebrities get their perfect teeth, the answer might be veneers. Veneers can do a lot to make your front teeth look much better when you smile. Plus, getting veneers is a fairly easy procedure to go through, although it does usually involve multiple visits to a cosmetic dentistry office. Here are the benefits of wearing veneers, how they're applied, and how you take care of them.

The Benefits Of Veneers For A Pretty Smile

Veneers can make your teeth whiter, so they're a solution if you have stains on your teeth that whitening doesn't help. However, the veneers should match your other teeth so they look natural. If you want whiter teeth, you may need to have your teeth whitened first and then choose the color for your new veneers.

When you visit the cosmetic dentistry office, the dentist will help you choose the right shade for your veneers using a shade card. The dentist can hold the card next to your other teeth to make sure the veneers will be a good match.

In addition to making your teeth whiter, veneers can cover up mild imperfections such as chips and slight misalignment. The end result is a smile with straight, white teeth. Plus, veneers, especially porcelain veneers, can look like your natural teeth.

Veneers Are Applied Over Your Other Teeth

Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain or resin that fit on top of the front of your front teeth. A little bit of the enamel on your teeth has to be filed away first so the veneers fit better. After that, the dentist puts temporary veneers on your teeth until your permanent veneers are made in the lab and are ready to put on.

When the permanent veneers are made, the dentist removes the temporary shells and attaches the permanent veneers with dental adhesive.

You Can Treat Veneers Like Natural Teeth

Your veneers look like natural teeth, and you should care for them the same way by brushing and flossing daily. You'll also want to be careful about crunching on hard things or you might crack a veneer just like you would a tooth. With proper care, your teeth can stay healthy and the veneers can last for many years.

If you feel uncomfortable about your smile, then talk to a cosmetic dentist about getting veneers or some other cosmetic dental procedure. When you're proud of your smile, you have more self-confidence, and that can make an improvement in your social and business life.